Me and the kit.

I started by taking a course one afternoon a week over six weeks on "the introduction to photography" which started off with the real basics from how to load a film camera through to developing the film and then printing in the darkroom, from that moment I was hooked.

I slowly progressed (financial reasons) from the usual holiday camera's to a Cannon SLR, two lenses, a one light kit, Meopta enlarger and a home made dark room.
Loving B&W and only using colour for the occasional paid wedding shoot.

Then digital came along and the lure of instant reviewal of a shot was very appealing, against the many hours spent perfecting one photograph in the darkroom, don't get me wrong there is something magical about your image slowly appearing before your eyes in a bath of developer, but digital was the way to go forward and without the chemicals to dispose of.

So the first digital I bought cost an arm and a leg for a 2.1 megapixel Olympus C700.
After a few more compacts I have settled on a Fuji HS30 only because I don't want to lug lenses about and editing is done on 24" Imac with Aperture 3 software.

My latest bit of kit is the Raynox M250 adapter and focus rail for Macro shots.
Not the professional kit you might strive for but for me it works and who knows the lure of a DSLR might still get me, but until then I am happy to explore what this combination of kit can do.

As I said on the main page don't expect them to be "magazine gloss photo's" I like different angles and grain and would often use 'grainy film' when shooting in B&W. Granted in colour it's not always the same but sometimes it does work and anyway I like the image to be gritty.